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Wednesday, August 5, 2020

83rd Legislature First Called Session HOA Highlights

Click here for a summary of new legislation pertaining to HOA's from the 2013 session (PDF).


As of January 1, 2012, state of Texas law requires that homeowner associations must give notice to all homeowners of all regular and special board of director meetings to allow homeowners to attend the meeting.

The detailed requirements for this notification:





(e) Members shall be given notice of the date, hour, place, and general subject of a regular or special board meeting, including a general description of any matter to be brought up for deliberation in executive session. The notice shall be:

(1) mailed to each property owner not later than the 10th day or earlier than the 60th day before the date of the meeting; or

(2) provided at least 72 hours before the start of the meeting by:

(A) posting the notice in a conspicuous manner reasonably designed to provide notice to property owners' association members:

(i) in a place located on the association's common property or, with the property owner's consent, on other conspicuously located privately owned property within the subdivision; or

(ii) on any Internet website maintained by the association or other Internet media; and

(B) sending the notice by e-mail to each owner who has registered an e-mail address with the association.

Cotton Belt Rail Project

Rail car favored by transit planners is sleek, comfortable,
but is it safe?


A rail car favored by North Texas planners as the vehicle of the future may be too light for its own good.
The sleek, streetcar like rail cars already in use by the Denton County A-train commuter line sometimes have trouble making a crucial electrical connection with the tracks, a problem that if unaddressed could mean the vehicles might not trigger gates and flashing lights at crossings. Click Here for More (on the Star-Telegram Web Site)

What’s Going on With the Cotton Belt?

The simple answer is “not much” at present. When you, as concerned citizens, raised your voices in opposition to the creation of a special tax district, the legislature listened. The defeat of that bill meant the consortium advocating the district dropped its efforts to move forward, at least for the present. Opinions differ on whether the consortium will resurrect its efforts. Galt Graydon, DART lobbyist and legal advisor indicated in a DART Committee of the Whole briefing that he felt the issue might re-emerge at the next legislative session.

Other events that have occurred include a Rail Summit that DART sponsored on September 23, 2013. The Summit served as a briefing for the 16 counties that comprise the NCTCOG area. A key issue DART faces is how to handle expansion of its service area to surrounding communities that did NOT initially opt to participate in DART. You may have read about a transit authority and Para-transit service provider that is gaining ridership in the Allen and McKinney area. That service provider can operate more cost-effectively because it does not have the high overhead DART, a larger entity has in place. In order to find a solution that is amenable to everyone, key players/stakeholders must identify an equitable funding agreement that satisfies communities like Addison, Richardson, and Dallas, who have paid their fair share for 30 years.

On a different note, when issues were hot and heavy during the last days of the legislative session, tempers flared and some individuals accused the Cotton Belt Concerned Citizens Coalition (CBCCC) of deliberately circulating rumors to incite people. We have always tried to provide all of you with data and fact in order to allow each of you to make your own decisions. We hope you feel we have provided you with accurate information to the best of our abilities.

Although things are quiet for now, we continue to monitor DART’s and NCTCOG’s activities, in order to provide you with timely information should issues arise.

In response to questions about the chain link fence around the picturesque bridge just East of Preston, DART confirmed on November 12, that the fence went up as a safety precaution only. Not only has the bridge deteriorated over time, per Steve Salin, residents had reported children jumping from the bridge. This was a means of preventing an accident/injury.

Once again, we want to say “Thanks” for your calls, emails, and letters to our Legislators during the closing days of the Regular Session. All of us in the North Dallas area will be impacted by what happens when DART finalizes its plans; it is critical that we all stay focused on those plans and provide input while there is time to get our concerns addressed during the planning and engineering phases. As you are all aware, surrounding suburbs and The University of Texas at Dallas advocate moving forward as rapidly as possible. We do not want to stand in their way, but we do not want to lose focus and have our interests/concerns sacrificed or ignored.

Cookie Peadon
Co-chair CBCCC

Some of our member associations  have found that can assist them with neighborhood communications.  NDNA is not endorsing this website, but do offer it as information to share with your own association.

2010 Trinity Project Photo Contest

Trinity Project 2010 Photo Contest

Trinity Project Downtown - From the Oak Cliff Side Looking Upstream

This project addresses a number of regional concerns, though flood protection remains the essential element of this multi-faceted effort.  The five inter-related components of the project are:

  • Flood Protection
  • Environmental Management
  • Recreation
  • Transportation
  • Community/economic development

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Dallas City Council Meetings

Were you unable to attend the Dallas City Council meeting on Wednesday, but you still need to know what happened?

To listen to complete audio versions of Dallas City Council meetings, go to this page:

Audio of meetings are posted online no later than noon on Thursdays.

To find out how the Council voted on a particular agenda item, go to this page:

The approved, numbered agenda that shows the disposition of all items is available online no later than 3 p.m. on Thursdays.

For more information on accessing records through the City Secretary's Office, call 214-670-5654 or visit  and click the City Secretary's Office link.

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The Trinity River Corridor Project 2009 Photo Contest

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Bugs and Other Things

Provided By:
Kimberly Schofield
Program Specialist-Urban IPM
Texas AgriLife Extension
17360 Coit Road
Dallas, TX 75252
(972) 952-9221

Pesky Pill Bugs

Inviting Thrips Indoors

Another Invading Cockroach
 . . . the Asian Cockroach

New Invader: Chili Thrips,
Scirtothrips dorsalis Hood

Noticing Early Populations of
Spider Mites Will Help
with Control Measures

Flickering and Fluttering
Fungus Gnats

Wet Weather Could Mean
Springtail Outbreaks

Beware of Booklice
Lurking in Structures

Fungus Gnats Fluttering Around

Irritating Earwigs Entering Structures

Prevention of Larger Animals Entering Homes This Season

Be On the Lookout for Soft Scales

Mining the Leaf

Presence of Shore flies

Time to Treat for Fire Ants

Emerging May and June Beetles

Multiplying Mosquitoes

Are Honeybees Swarming in Your Backyard?

Hungary, Hungary Ticks Appear!

Small Insect That Causes Big Problems

Irritating Fleas Jumping Around

Remember to Treat for Fire Ants This Fall

Growing Number of Grasshoppers

Field Crickets Abound

Rhodesgrass Mealybug Infesting Turfgrass