Texas Neighborhoods Together


An Alliance of Texas Neighborhood Groups Founded in 1989

Steward of the common ground shared by all neighborhoods in Texas

Founded and chartered in 1989, Texas Neighborhoods Together (TNT), a Texas nonprofit corporation, serves as a permanent statewide organization for community-based alliances that represent neighborhoods on a citywide or larger basis. An all-volunteer organization, TNT works to empower neighborhood leaders through education, networking, and serving and protecting neighborhood interests at all levels of government.

TNT’s mission is to advance neighborhood interests on the local, state, and national levels by:

  • Improving communication and coordination among neighborhood organizations in Texas

  • Advancing the concept of neighborhood self-determination

  • Encouraging more effective participation of citizens in local, county, and state government

  • Enhancing the quality of life for all citizens of Texas

  • Supporting city ordinances as well as state and federal laws and regulations conducive to these ends.

A board of directors elected annually by its member organizations coordinates TNT’s programs and actions. The Board meets the first Saturday of even-numbered months in the home city of a member organization.

For more on TNT visit the TNT web site at: www.texasneighborhoods.org

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