Good Security Habits


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Good Habits Will Help Ensure Your Family's Safety

  • Keep shade or draperies closed. If these are left open it helps a burglar spot items of value before a burglary.

  • Leave a radio on with the volume turned low to create a source of noise when leaving your home.

  • Never leave a note telling someone you are not home or when you plan to return.

  • Always close and lock your doors and windows and never leave your overhead garage door open.

  • Do not leave automatic garage door openers in your car.

  • Always leave lights on in one or more rooms when away at night. It is a good idea to use a timer that automatically changes the room where the lights are turned on.

  • Keep your landscape properly maintained to allow for good visibility from the street. Additionally, a well-maintained yard says the residence is occupied.

  • Do not indicate your sex, martial status or name on your mailbox.

  • Re-key locks when moving into a new residence. Never leave a key hidden outside. Burglars are experts in finding "hidden" keys.

  • Never give out personal information to a stranger on the phone.

  • Never let a stranger use your telephone when you are home alone.

  • Babysitters should never tell anyone who calls that they are alone with your children.

  • Children should be educated never to let anyone know they are home alone. Teach them to say that you can't come to the phone and offer to take a message. 

  • When you leave on vacation, make arrangements for your mail, newspaper and flyers placed on your door to be picked up daily, have someone open and close your shades or draperies and store your valuables. Or have a friend "house sit" for you.

  • Let the police know the dates you will be gone and request extra patrol of your residence.

  • Ask a neighbor to park in your driveway.

Get into the habit of surveying your home as you approach it. If you find evidence that someone has broken in DO NOT ENTER and CALL THE POLICE! Should you confront a burglar GET OUT OF THE WAY! Do not get between the burglar and the exit and do not attempt to stop him. Your life is more valuable than anything that is being stolen!

If someone is prowling around outside your home, do not let them know you are alone. Call out to a companion in the house, "Honey, I think someone is outside." Dial 911 immediately. Turn on the outside lights.

If you are in your home and hear someone in your home, get out as quickly and safely as possible. Or put as many doors as you can between you and them. A dead bolt on an interior door is a good idea. Dial 911 immediately.

If the intruder is armed and you cannot escape, do as he says. Instruct your children do as he says. Remain calm. A burglar is more interested in taking your property than your life. Memorize a description of the intruder and write it down. Do not rely on your memory. Dial 911 immediately.

When making a report to 911, give the operator your name and address, the reason for your call, the location of the activity and a description of the suspect and any vehicle involved. An example of the information needed is shown below.


Sex: _______  Race: ________ Age: ______ Height: ________

Weight: _______  Hair: ________ Eyes: _________ Glasses: ________

Tattoos: __________________________________

Complexion: ________________  Facial Hair: _________________

Scars/Marks: _____________________________________________________

Hat: _______________  Tie: ______________  Coat: _______________

Shirt/Blouse: _______________________________________________

Pants/Skirt: ________________________________________________

Shoes: _____________________________________________________

Distinguishable walk or limp: __________________________________________

Speech impediment or accent: __________________________________________

What suspect said or did: _________________________________________________


Additional information: __________________________________________________


Reporting person's information: 

Name: ____________________________________

Address: __________________________________

Phone: ___________________________________

Signature: ________________________________    Date: ____________________







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