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The North Dallas Neighborhood Alliance is a non-profit organization formed in 1981 to support and represent the Homeowner and Neighborhood Associations in North Dallas. The goal is to foster a quality of life that is beneficial to homeowners and the City of Dallas.


The Alliance aims to help protect and enhance the neighborhood concept; to encourage, communicate, educate, share information, exchange ideas and promote a better quality of life; and to promote neighborliness and pride among residents.

We provide education, information and assistance to individual homeowners wanting to form a homeowners’ association while also helping existing homeowners’ associations and neighborhood alliances.

The NDNA represents the collective North Dallas neighborhood associations and serves as one voice for the many North Dallas associations. Our goal is to insure residents’ views are raised responsibly and clearly to officials and governmental bodies representing this area.

What NDNA Does

The NDNA is an invitational member of the North Dallas Chamber of Commerce and has joined them in hosting Neighborhood Fairs at the North Central Police Station. The NDNA has a board position on Texas Neighborhoods Together (TNT), a state-wide organization of homeowners' coalitions.

The NDNA meetings include programs on code compliance, beautification, low income housing, curbside recycling, multi-family zoning, liability, and homeowner boards. Associations are kept abreast of meetings and news through our website, email and the mailings.

If your homeowner's association would like to become an NDNA Member, just click here and find your homeowner's association and then complete the 2019 Membership Application.

If you were a member in 2018 and have not updated your registration by March 30th, 2019, you will not be able to visit the Member's Only web pages without updating your registration and paying the annual dues. Just log into the "Members Only" web and then click on Complete NDNA 2019 Membership Form or if you were the President or the NDNA Designated Representative you can easily update your Membership by clicking on the Update Your HOA Membership Information link.


40 memberships @ $35.00  $1400.00
Website maintenance $389.00
Domain name proration $25.00
Mailings (100 @ .47) $47.00
TNT dues  $50.00  
Miscellaneous (Preston Ridge Trail) $100.00
Expenses Total: $611.00

NDNA Bylaws

        Click Here for the Bylaws (pdf)

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